What We Do

We focus on investment opportunities where we can contribute both capital and can add value through strategic mentorship, business development, turnaround advisory, most often at board level.

We source proprietary deal flow exclusively and focus on sectors with compelling fundamentals, including energy, transportation and logistics, metals and mining, healthcare, information technology, media and entertainment, financial services, environment, infrastructure and education. We select investments based on the quality of leadership, sustainable competitive advantage, scalability of value proposition. We also build our portfolio based on our team's technical and expertise, in areas where we can truly add value.

We invest our own capital or, alternatively, can act on behalf of third party investors who have entrusted us with a mandate to look for investment opportunities and/or manage such investment on their behalf.

We also seek co-investments in general partnerships.
The Omnia team was involved in starting a dozen different business ventures in the United States, Europe and the United Arab Emirates, across a wide array of industries including software, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, oil services, real estate development, real estate services, media & entertainment, agri-commodities and financial services. We contribute capital and / or "sweat equity" into promising business ventures to which we believe we can bring compelling added value.

Our joint venture projects can be initiated by foreign companies seeking to start operations in the UAE and the GCC by opening a representation office, start a joint-venture with a local partner or start a local project. Alternatively, we can invest as a venture capital partner and sponsor businesses around a team of exceptional local entrepreneurs with a scalable value proposition, a sustainable competitive advantage and a compelling business plan. Last but not least, Omnia likes to invest in ventures, where we identify an unmet market need and where we can "connect the dots" to develop a sustainable business.

Our services in addition to funding portfolio companies, includes assistance with strategic business planning, corporate sponsorship, business development, corporate advisory, including debt and equity fund raising, strategic partnership. When required, we can fill interim executive positions as CEO or CFO.

We have invested and continue to seek investment opportunities in projects and companies in the United States, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa.
Over the past 30 years, the principals at Omnia have been building relationships with sovereign wealth funds and family offices particularly in Abu Dhabi and the GCC.

Our team enjoys a long experience of representing foreign companies seeking to raise capital from GCC investment institutions.

We provide the following services:

  • Capital Raising
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Brokerage Services